Edward V. Valentine Sculpture Studio at the Valentine Richmond History Center

Edward Virginius Valentine, b 1838- d 1930
1015 E. Clay Street, Richmond, VA 23228 - view on Google Maps
A major 19th-century artist, Edward V. Valentine was one of the most talented Southern sculptors of the post-Civil War period. Popular works include portraiture depicting American icons such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, as well as international figures like Robert Burns.


Edward Virginius Valentine was born on November 12, 1838 in Richmond, Virginia. He studied in in Paris with Couture and Jouffroy, in Italy under Bonanti, and in Berlin with August Kiss. Valentine specialized in sculpting notable Southerners and fellow Virginians, but his most notable works included the Recumbent Lee statue at Washington & Lee University, and the statue of Thomas Jefferson at the Jefferson Hotel. In an artistic career that spanned 50 yeas, Valentine worked in clay, plaster, marble and bronze to produce portrait busts, ideal figures and public sculpture.

Edward Valentine briefly headed the Valentine Richmond History Center, which was founded by his brother, Mann S. Valentine II. Edward Valentine’s restored studio is now a part of the Valentine Richmond History Center. Visit the studio and share in Valentine’s artistic training, development, commissions, and favorites. The current studio has been renovated and features hundreds of Valentine’s original works and tools, photographs, and personal effects. It offers a rare opportunity to see a collection of artworks within the setting where they were created.

Did you know...?

For the last decades of his long life, Edward Valentine put aside sculpture in favor of research on the history of Richmond, his native city.


  • The Edward V. Valentine Sculpture Studio is a part of the Valentine Richmond History Center, a major museum and research facility. Take a self-guided tour of the studio, then enjoy the many activities and displays of the History Center.


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