The Historic Artists’ Homes and Studios program (HAHS) is a coalition of 48 museums that were the homes and working studios of American artists.  Come, witness creativity.

Contacting HAHS

For information on any of the artists represented or their homes/studios, please contact the site directly by consulting the profile pages of this website and using the contact information provided. 

For museums wishing to become a member of HAHS, please consult the Criteria for Membership on this website.  Further questions can be answered by contacting Valerie Balint, Program Manager of the Historic Artists' Homes & Studios Program.  Please use the contact form provided below. 

HAHS welcomes donations to continue its work on behalf of American artists’ homes and studios.  Donations are fully tax-deductible and can be made to HAHS through the National Trust for Historical Preservation.   For information on making a donation to HAHS please use the contact form provided below.  

For general inquiries about the work of HAHS, please use the contact form below.