The Historic Artists’ Homes and Studios program (HAHS) is a coalition of 48 museums that were the homes and working studios of American artists. Come, witness creativity.


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HAHS representatives tour Abiquiu, NM, site of the Georgia O’Keeffe Home & Studio.
HAHS representatives tour Abiquiu, NM, site of the Georgia O’Keeffe Home & Studio.
Historic Artists' Homes and Studios is a program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. We are a professional coalition that shares common goals and visions. We are more effective collectively than as individual sites, and we work together to promote artists’ homes to the general public as a special genre of museums, where anyone can learn about power of place and artistic inspiration.  

HAHS members have written testimonials about the value of the program. Michele Saliola, program director at the Judd Foundation, which operates HAHS member 101 Spring Street, wrote a letter of thanks after the 2013 Sante Fe workshop. She called HAHS an “invaluable brain trust” that “stands out from other associations that don’t speak to the particularities of our situation.” When Marvin Schenck, curator of the Grace Hudson Museum and Sun House, faced funding cuts by the City of Ukiah, he asked National Trust staff and other HAHS members to write letters to the city council members.  The response convinced the Ukiah city council that the Grace Hudson Museum was not just a local treasure, but was valued nationally; funding continued to flow.   Helen Harrison, director of the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center, and founding member of the HAHS advisory council, recalls all that has been accomplished since 1999, but believes that “the potential of HAHS has only begun to be tapped.”

The program is currently headed by a Senior Program Manager, in close coordination with colleagues in the Historic Sites Department of the National Trust, HAHS leadership committees and our membership.  HAHS now supports its member sites through joint marketing initiatives, including a brochure distributed at our member sites, a travelling exhibition, and this website.  Our members have access to a section of the website that includes a directory of staff at the HAHS sites, administrative information on each member, and a library of technical and professional information.  Projects also include advocacy on the part of all artists’ house museums in America, providing technical advice to endangered and emerging sites, and producing publications, public events and collegial convenings on the value of artists’ homes and studios, including virtual offerings.  We continue to serve our members through webinars, workshops, and the development of the members’ section of this website. 

If you are interested in furthering the work of HAHS through a financial donation, please visit our contact page.