Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park

Augustus Saint-Gaudens, b 1848- d 1907
139 Saint Gaudens Rd., Cornish, NH 03745 - view on Google Maps
This 190-acre site features the home, studios, and gardens of Augustus Saint-Gaudens, one of America’s greatest sculptors. More than 100 of the sculptor’s artworks are exhibited in the galleries and on the grounds. The natural beauty of mountains and forest inspired Saint-Gaudens. As you stand on the porch looking across the fields toward the mountains beyond, you also can feel the special quality of place that allowed Saint-Gaudens’ artistic vision to flourish.


Augustus Saint-Gaudens first came to Cornish for the summer in 1885 to work on his monument, Abraham Lincoln the Man, for Chicago. He adapted the house, originally built in 1817 as an inn, and turned a hay barn into a studio. He grew to love the place and purchased it in 1892. The family continued to summer here until 1900, when it became their year-round home. He transformed the grounds with gardens, tall hedges, and recreation areas including a bowling green, swimming pool, and nine-hole golf course.

Exhibited on the grounds are full-size bronze casts of some of his most famous works, including the Admiral David G. Farragut Monument, the Adams Memorial and the Shaw Memorial. Widely considered his masterpiece, the Shaw Memorial, was described as “a symphony in bronze” and took him 14 years to complete. Also exhibited are the ten- and twenty-dollar gold pieces commissioned by President Roosevelt, which were minted from 1907 to 1933. The twenty dollar gold piece is considered the most beautiful of American coins.

Did you know...?

Saint-Gaudens enjoyed making caricature bas-reliefs and pencil sketches of his friends and family.


The park maintains an extensive collection of artworks and other objects associated with Augustus Saint-Gaudens and other Cornish Art Colony artists. Over 100 sculptures by Augustus Saint-Gaudens are exhibited in the galleries and on the grounds.


  • Take a guided tour of “Aspet,” the family home.
  • Take a guided or self-guided tour of the galleries and grounds.
  • Attend concerts in the studio Sunday afternoons during July and August.
  • Walk the 1½ mile of nature trails.
  • Attend a sculpture class given by the Sculptor-in-Residence most Saturday afternoons during the summer season.


  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, NY
  • Admiral David G. Farragut Monument, Madison Square Park, New York City, NY
  • Sherman Memorial, Grand Army Plaza, New York City, NY
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA
  • Adams Memorial Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington, DC
  • Shaw Memorial, Boston Commons, Boston, MA
  • Standing Lincoln, Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL