Pollock-Krasner and O'Keeffe sites featured in Artsy article

Two HAHS sites highlighted in article about nine artists’ studios—in locations from Cape Town to Cornwall.

Charles Burchfield Featured in Exhibition at Montclair Art Museum in Montclair, New Jersey

The exhibition Charles E. Burchfield: Weather Event is currently on view at Montclair and will remain on display through January 8, 2018.

Jasper Johns to Leave Connecticut Estate for Artists Retreat

Jasper Johns plans to turn his bucolic Connecticut home and studio into an Artists’ Retreat where up to two dozen artists will get live-work spaces where they can devote themselves to their art.

New York Times Rates Daniel Chester French’s Lincoln as America’s Most Popular Statue

Daniel Chester French, who worked on the Lincoln Memorial at Chesterwood (Stockbridge, MA) created the iconic statue that ranks #1 in the country.

Florence Griswold Museum Receives 1M for Landscape Plan Implementation

A recent feature in The Day, highlights grant award for a plan, in part inspired by archival photos such a this one.